It’s Okay.

I'm not organized, and I wish I wasn't a procrastinator. If I was organized and scheduled my time better, CRW would be a growing platform helping teen writers write for Christ, right? At least, that's my hope for this platform, and that's what I assume would happen if I got my act together. Last week, [...]


When the word “summer” comes to mind, do you imagine long, lazy days, no school, sleeping in, and various projects that you have to finish? I know I have thought of summer this way in the past. I remember one summer that I didn’t do much…I practically had those “lazy days” for three months straight! [...]

A Trillion Little Things

“I am counting every blessing, counting every blessing Surely every season you are good to me” Rend Collective: Counting Every Blessing Yet the question is, do we? Do we really count our blessings? As platitudinous as this may sound, its validity continues to shine through. Replacing grumbling with thankfulness could be the key to an [...]

Balancing Life

Life and writing sometimes don’t go hand in hand.  I’m being honest. It’s hard to juggle all you commitments, your meal times, and your family when your brain is in the clouds, or in another world thinking out your next story plot.  You find yourself eating a microwave dinner with your book characters and next [...]

How to continue writing when you life changes

One of the most discouraging things happens often for me. Writer's block often follows on the tail of something called change. Change is something that we all fear, because it's the unknown. When change enters our lives, we often find that we have to make space for new things, for different things, and so the [...]

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